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Camel80 25.09.2007 16:48

Diesen Song nahm Elvis Mitte 1972 fest ins Programm, wo er auch mit Ausnahme von nur einigen Liveversionen 1975, auch blieb.
Soundboard Aufnahmen sind rot markiert.
Unvollständige Aufnahmen und Besonderheiten sind grün markiert.

05.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Directly From The 1972 Elvis Summer Festival, One Week In August)
05.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.53 (CDR)
06.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Vegas Variety - Vol.8)
07.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.27 (CDR)
08.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Heart And Soul...And Some Mighty Fine Rock'n'Roll)
09.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.48 (CDR)
11.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, SB (Summer Festival (FTD)
11.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, SB (At Full Blast)
12.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, SB (Blazing Into The Darkness, 3000 South Paradise Road (FTD), Hilton's All Shook Up)

12.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR / SB (Las Vegas 12.08.1972, MS (CDR) (AR), Hot August Night (SB), One Week In August (SB)
13.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Hot Summer's Night (CDR), Elvis In Vegas - Vol.2 (CDR), The Spirit Of Sin City)
16.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Noisy In Nevada (CDR)
16.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Desert Serenade)
17.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.65 (CDR)
17.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Full Speed Ahead (CDR), Explosion In Vegas)
18.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Elvis Does It Again (CDR)
18.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Sun King In Vegas (CDR), Paisley Presley (CDR)
21.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (A Place Of Worship (CDR)
22.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Keeping Them Warm, Portfire (CDR)
23.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Walkin' Talkin' Glitz City Blues)
23.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Red Hot In Vegas)
24.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Red Hot In Vegas (CDR), Burning Hot Tonight)
25.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Lonesome Summer Breeze)
25.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Elvis Presley In Las Vegas (CDR)
26.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.100 (CDR)
26.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.52 (CDR)
28.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (A Blue Night In Vegas (CDR)
01.09.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas Swirling (CDR)
01.09.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Not Too Sweet)
02.09.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.43 (CDR), Watching Dreams Turn Into Ashes)
02.09.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.101 (CDR), Watching Dreams Turn Into Ahes)
03.09.1972: Las Vegas / 3am, AR (King Of The Neon Jungle, Labor Day Madness)
03.09.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (At Dinner In Vegas)
03.09.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Labor Day Madness)
04.09.1972: Las Vegas / DS, SB (I'll Remember You, A Hilton Double Shot, Destination USA (FTD)
04.09.1972: Las Vegas / CS, AR (Autumn In Nevada (CDR), J.D. Walk That Lonesome Road (CDR)
09.11.1972: Tucson, AR (What A Lovely Way To Burn (CDR), Dazzling In Tucson (CDR)
11.11.1972: Oakland, AR (On Stage In Oakland (CDR)
12.11.1972: San Bernadino, AR (San Bernadino 12.11.1972 (CDR)
13.11.1972: San Bernadino, AR (Swing & Swirl Your Hips Again)
14.11.1972: Long Beach, AR (Long Beach California, Wild Tiger In Concert)
15.11.1972: Long Beach, AR (A New Live Experience, Return To Long Beach)
17.11.1972: Honolulu, AR (Live In Honolulu (CDR)
18.11.1972: Honolulu / AS, AR (Honolulu Delight (CDR)
18.11.1972: Honolulu / ES, AR (Live At The H.I.C.)

12.01.1973: Honolulu, SB (The Alternate Aloha (RCA)
14.01.1973: Honolulu, SB (Aloha From Hawaii (RCA)

26.01.1973: Las Vegas / OS, AR (Back On The Mailand, The Concert Years - Vol.5 (CDR)
27.01.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Burning Love Vegas Style)
27.01.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 27.01.1973, MS (CDR)
28.01.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Under The Midnight Sun)
02.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, SB (A Hilton Double Shot, Don't Think Twice)
03.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, SB (It's A Matter Of Time, Vegas Rythm)
03.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, SB (I'll Remember You (FTD)

05.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Thunderous Overture (CDR)
09.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Top Acts In Vegas - Vol.7)
09.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (In Fine Form)
10.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR / SB (The Concert Years - Vol.64 (CDR) (AR) , Aloha Jerry (SB)
10.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Turning Up The Heat In Las Vegas)
11.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Battle Of Vegas (CDR), The Concert Years - Vol.38 (CDR) (incomplete on The Concert Years - Vol.38)
12.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 12.02.1973, MS (CDR)
13.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Echoes Of Aloha)
14.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Valentine's Day (CDR)
15.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas Dinner Show, Faded Love)
16.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (A Dinner At The Hilton, I'm A Steamroller Baby, Doin' The Best I Can)
16.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Doin' The Best I Can)
17.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (On A Winning Streak)
17.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (No Surrender (CDR), On A Winning Streak) (incomplete on No Surrender)
18.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (On A Winning Streak)
18.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (I'll Whoop His Ass, Kicking And Rolling)
19.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Back In The Ring (CDR)
20.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Vegas Venture (CDR)
21.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Living From Day To Day Chasing A Dream)
22.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Living From Day To Day Chasing A Dream)
22.02.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Back The Desert, Living From Day To Day Chasing A Dream)
23.02.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Livin' On The Edge)
23.02.1973: Las Vegas / CS, AR (Kicking And Rolling, Aloha Jerry)
22.04.1973: Phoenix, AR (At The Top Of The Game)
23.04.1973: Anaheim, AR (Anaheim 23.04.1973 (CDR)
24.04.1973: Anaheim, AR (Total Commitment)
27.04.1973: Portland, AR (Shining In Portland, Back In Portland, Storm Over Portland)
28.04.1973: Spokane / AS, AR (Crashing Alive In Spokane (CDR)
28.04.1973: Spokane / ES, AR (Magnetic As Ever)
29.04.1973: Seattle / AS, AR (When The Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again)
29.04.1973: Seattle / ES, AR (Seattle 29.04.1973, ES (CDR)
06.05.1973: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Grand Roulette At The Sahara)
07.05.1973: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (High Sierra Fever)
10.05.1973: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Return To Lake Tahoe, Stateline California)
11.05.1973: Lake Tahoe / DS, AR (Lake Tahoe 11.05.1973, DS (CDR)
20.06.1973: Mobile, AR (Live In Mobile (CDR)
22.06.1973: Uniondale, AR (Pouring Down In Uniondale (CDR)
23.06.1973: Uniondale / AS, AR (Born To Give Us Fever)
23.06.1973: Uniondale / ES, AR (Uniondale 23.06.1973, ES (CDR)
24.06.1973: Uniondale, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.42 (CDR), Rockin' The Nassau Coliseum (CDR)
25.06.1973: Pittsburgh, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.44 (CDR), Shake Rattle And Roll In Pittsburgh (CDR)
26.06.1973: Pittsburgh, AR (Today In Pittsburgh (CDR)
27.06.1973: Cincinatti, AR (Live In Cincinatti (CDR)
29.06.1973: Atlanta / ES, AR (Atlanta Second Stop)
30.06.1973: Atlanta / AS, AR (Elvis Mania)
30.06.1973: Atlanta / ES, AR (Stellar In Atlanta, Studded In Atlanta (CDR)
01.07.1973: Nashville / AS, AR (An Afternoon In Nashville, Summertime '73)
03.07.1973: Atlanta, AR (Flyin' High)
06.08.1973: Las Vegas / OS, AR (Fire In Vegas, Raised On Vegas)
07.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Into The Light)
07.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Top Acts In Vegas - Vol.6)
08.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Sound Of Vegas - Vol.1)
08.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 08.08.1973, MS (CDR)
09.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Full House In Vegas (CDR)
09.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The King Will Never Die)
10.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 10.08.1973, DS (CDR)
10.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (I Don't Take No Kind Of Bull (CDR)
11.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Flippant Elvis (CDR)
11.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Midnight Special, Whole Lotta Shakin' In Vegas (CDR), Vegas Showman)
12.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Crying Time In Vegas, Vegas Variety - Vol.4)
14.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.70 (CDR)
15.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Reckless In Vegas (CDR)
18.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.66 (CDR)
18.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Emotional Momentum (CDR)
19.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Rambunctious Boy (CDR)
19.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Midnight Special, Whole Lotta Shakin' In Vegas (CDR), Take The Ribbon From Your Hair (CDR), It's Deja-vu Time)
20.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (A Profile - The King On Stage - Vol.1, Elvis Rockin' The Blue Board)
22.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Endless Summer Festival)
22.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Endless Summer Festival)
23.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Sin City's Hottest Ticket)
23.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Sin City's Hottest Ticket)
24.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (A Burst Of Fire, Rattling Plates Aces'n'Eights)
25.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Who Dressed Me Tonight (CDR), Summer Festival '73)
26.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Before Darkness Falls)
26.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Caught In The Act, Las Vegas Fever - Vol.3, Before Darkness Falls)
27.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Vegas Years - Vol.2 (CDR)
27.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 27.08.1973, MS (CDR)
28.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Casual Elvis (CDR), The King Holds Court)
28.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Take These Chains From My Heart)
29.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The King Holds Court)
29.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The King Holds Court)
30.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)
30.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Down At The End Of Paradise Road)
31.08.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Getting Down To Business)
31.08.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Turning The Night Into Daytime)
01.09.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Almost Done Folks)
01.09.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Almost Done Folks)
02.09.1973: Las Vegas / 3am, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.67 (CDR), What Now My Love (CDR), Elvis At The Hilton)
02.09.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Top Acts In Vegas - Vol.4, Las Vegas 02.09.1973, DS (CDR), Elvis At The Hilton)
02.09.1973: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Flip, Flop And Fly, High Spirits In Las Vegas)
03.09.1973: Las Vegas / DS, AR (A Change Of Mind)
03.09.1973: Las Vegas / CS, SB (Closing Night (FTD)

26.01.1974: Las Vegas / OS, AR (Something Old - Something New)
26.01.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Perpetual Motion In Vegas (CDR), Back On Track In Vegas)
27.01.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR / SB (The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (CDR) (AR), I Found My Thrill (FTD) (SB) (incomplete on I Found My Thrill)
28.01.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Wild Tiger At The Hilton - Vol.4)
28.01.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.80 (CDR)
29.01.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 29.01.1974, DS (CDR)
30.01.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.29 (CDR)
30.01.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.73 (CDR)
31.01.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.74 (CDR)
31.01.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.75 (CDR)
01.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 01.02.1974, DS (CDR)
01.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 01.02.1974, MS (CDR)
02.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Playful Glee In Vegas (CDR)
02.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas Voice - Vol.1)
03.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (With A Humble Heart)
03.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas Voice - Vol.2, With A Humble Heart)
04.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.41 (CDR)
04.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.79 (CDR)
05.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 05.02.1974, DS (CDR)
05.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.49 (CDR)
06.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Wild Tiger At The Hilton - Vol.3)
06.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Checkmate In Vegas)
07.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.83 (CDR)
07.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Live In Las Vegas (CDR)
08.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The First Time Ever I Held You Close (CDR)
08.02.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 08.02.1974 (CDR), Let Me Be There)
09.02.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Spring Spirit '74)
09.02.1974: Las Vegas / CS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.81 (CDR)
01.03.1974: Tulsa, SB (Sold Out (FTD)
02.03.1974: Tulsa, AR (On Time In Tulsa (CDR)
03.03.1974: Houston / ES, SB (Event Number 8)
05.03.1974: Auburn, AR (Elvis Rocks Auburn)
06.03.1974: Montgomery, AR (Elvis Rocks Montgomery)
10.03.1974: Roanoke, AR (Live From Roanoke)
14.03.1974: Murfreesboro, AR (Diamond Dust (CDR) (incomplete)
15.03.1974: Knoxville / ES, AR (Gone To Knoxville (CDR)
16.03.1974: Memphis / AS, SB (Hello Memphis)
16.03.1974: Memphis / ES, AR (Fire Of The King - Fever For The Fans (CDR)
17.03.1974: Memphis / AS, AR (Hometown Memphis, The Alternative Memphis)
17.03.1974: Memphis / ES, SB (Hometown Shows (FTD)
18.03.1974: Richmond, SB (Guaranted To Blow Your Mind, Fourty Eight Hours To Memphis (FTD), Strung Out In Las Vegas)
20.03.1974: Memphis, SB (Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (FTD), Steamroller Blues)

11.05.1974: Los Angeles / AS, AR (City Of Angels)
11.05.1974: Los Angeles / ES, AR / SB (Live At The Forum (CDR) (AR), Live In L.A. (FTD) (SB), Late Night In L.A. (SB), City Of Angels (SB)
16.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / OS, AR (Tryin' To Get To Tahoe)
17.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Lake Tahoe 17.05.1974, MS (CDR)
21.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, SB (High Sierra (FTD)
22.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Spring Fever)
23.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / DS, SB (And The King For Dessert, As Recorded Live In Lake Tahoe)
23.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, SB (Spanish Eyes)
24.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / DS, AR (Big Boss Man At Lake Tahoe)
24.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Lake Tahoe 24.05.1974, MS (CDR)
25.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Surrender (CDR), Lake Tahoe 25.05.1974, MS (CDR)
26.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Meet Me...At Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe)
27.05.1974: Lake Tahoe / CS, SB (A Profile - The King On Stage Vol.2, Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Last Tango In Tahoe)
15.06.1974: Fort Worth / AS, SB (The Man In White Vol.1)

16.06.1974: Fort Worth / AS, AR (Jackpot In Fort Worth (CDR)
18.06.1974: Baton Rouge, AR (An Originator At Work (CDR)
19.06.1974: Amarillo, SB (Rockin' Across Texas (FTD)
20.06.1974: Des Moines, AR (Blue Phoenix Over Des Moines (CDR)
21.06.1974: Cleveland, SB (Sould Out (FTD)
22.06.1974: Providence / ES, AR (Providence 22.06.1974, ES (CDR), Inca Gold (CDR), Peacock In Providence (CDR)
23.06.1974: Philadelphia / AS, AR (Philadelphia 23.06.1974, AS (CDR)
24.06.1974: Niagara Falls / AS, AR (Rockin' Against The Roarin' Falls)
24.06.1974: Niagara Falls / ES, AR (Conquering The Falls)
25.06.1974: Columbus, AR (Columbus June 25, 1974 (CDR)
26.06.1974: Louisville, AR (Live In Louisville (CDR)
27.06.1974: Bloomington, AR (Rainbow Over Bloomington (CDR)
28.06.1974: Milwaukee, SB (In Dreams Of Yesterday)
29.06.1974: Kansas City / ES, SB (A Profile - The King On Stage Vol.1, Kansas City Blues)

30.06.1974: Omaha / AS, AR (Spangled God In Omaha (CDR)
01.07.1974: Omaha / ES, AR / SB (Rockin' Nebraska (CDR) (AR), Fashion For A King (FTD) (SB)
02.07.1974: Salt Lake City, AR (Salt Lake City 02.07.1974 (CDR)
19.08.1974: Las Vegas / OS, SB / AR (From Sunset Blvd...To Paradise Road, If You Talk In Your Sleep, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Down In The Alley (AR), Nevada Nights (FTD) (SB)
20.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas Dinner Show (CDR)
20.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 20.08.1974, MS (CDR)
21.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (In The Heat Of The Desert)
21.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR / SB (Sunlight In Vegas (AR), Nevada Nights (FTD) (SB), Around Midnight (SB)
22.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 22.08.1974, DS (CDR)
22.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Wild Tiger At The Hilton - Vol.1)
23.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.21 (CDR)
24.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years Vol.32 (CDR), Mad Tiger At The Hilton (CDR)
24.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, SB / AR (It's Midnight (FTD) (SB), The Concert Years - Vol.56 (CDR) (AR)
25.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 25.08.1974, DS (CDR)
25.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.36 (CDR)
27.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 27.08.1974, DS (CDR)
27.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.69 (CDR)
28.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Night Of The Dragon)
28.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Night Of The Dragon)
29.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 29.08.1974, DS (CDR)
29.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas Show (CDR)
30.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 30.08.1974, DS (CDR)
30.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, SB (Night Fever In Vegas, Black Angels In Vegas, Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology - Vol.7)
31.08.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Karate Fever)
31.08.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (It's Midnight In Vegas)
01.09.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Vegas Variety)
01.09.1974: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Wild Tiger At The Hilton - Vol.2)
02.09.1974: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.77 (CDR)
27.09.1974: College Park, AR (Chaos In College Park)
28.09.1974: College Park, SB / AR (A Profile - The King On Stage - Vol.2 (SB), Broken Finger By Elvis (AR)
29.09.1974: Detroit, AR (Alright OK You Win)
30.09.1974: South Bend, AR (Burning Bright In South Bend (CDR)
01.10.1974: South Bend, SB (Dragonheart (FTD), Autumn Gold)
04.10.1974: Detroit, AR (Dragon Attack In Detroit (CDR)
05.10.1974: Indianapolis / AS, AR (On The Prowl (CDR)
06.10.1974: Dayton / AS, SB (A Profile - The King On Stage Vol.2, A Day In Dayton)
06.10.1974: Dayton / ES, SB (Breathing Out Fire, A Day In Dayton)

13.10.1974: Lake Tahoe / DS, AR (Payin' The Dues In Tahoe, It's Tahoe Time)
13.10.1974: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (October Encore In Lake Tahoe)

08.06.1975: Jackson / AS, SB (Fly Trouble, Lookout Jackson Town) (false start only)
20.08.1975: Las Vegas / CS, AR (Top Acts In Vegas - Vol.2)
08.12.1975: Las Vegas, AR (Las Vegas 08.12.1975 (CDR), Once And For All (CDR) (with reprise)

01.05.1976: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Marching In One Line)
07.05.1976: Lake Tahoe / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.88 (CDR), Then Sings My Soul)
08.05.1976: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.33 (CDR), Holding His Own In Tahoe)
27.05.1976: Bloomington, AR (Bloomington 27.05.1976 (CDR)
28.05.1976: Ames, AR (Ames 28.05.1976 (CDR)
30.05.1976: Odessa / AS, AR (Odessa 30.05.1976, AS (CDR) (incomplete)
30.05.1976: Odessa / ES, SB / AR (Help Me Make It In Odessa (CDR) (AR), Elvis In West Texas (FTD) (SB)
01.06.1976: Tucson, SB (Tucson '76 (FTD)
02.06.1976: El Paso, SB (El Goes El Paso, Bicentennial Superstar - Vol.3)
03.06.1976: Forth Worth, SB (Cajun Tornado, Holding Down The Fort)

04.06.1976: Atlanta, AR (Atlanta Bound)
05.06.1976: Atlanta / ES, AR (One Night At The Omni (CDR)
06.06.1976: Atlanta, AR (Big Boss In Trouble)
25.06.1976: Buffalo / ES, AR (One Helluva Night, The Bicentennial King - Vol.1)
26.06.1976: Providence / AS, AR (Matinee Majesty)
27.06.1976: Largo / AS, AR (Beltway To Largo)
27.06.1976: Largo / ES, AR (A Midsummer Night In Largo (CDR)
28.06.1976: Philadelphia, AR (Philadelphia 28.06.1976 (CDR)
30.06.1976: Greensboro, SB (My, It's Been A Long, Long Time)
01.07.1976: Shreveport, AR (The Bicentennial King - Vol.3)
02.07.1976: Baton Rouge, AR (A Chance To See Elvis In Baton Rouge (CDR)
03.07.1976: Fort Worth, SB / AR (Rockin' Across Texas (FTD) (SB), Fort Worth 03.07.1976 (CDR) (AR)
04.07.1976: Tulsa, AR (Heading For Tulsa (CDR)
05.07.1976: Memphis, SB (Goodbye Memphis, The Final Homecoming)
23.07.1976: Cleveland, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.15 (CDR)
24.07.1976: Charleston / AS, AR (Thunderbolt In Charleston (CDR)
24.07.1976: Charleston / ES, SB (Hurt, Charleston Rocks) (incomplete)
25.07.1976: Syracuse, AR (Stormin' Syracuse, Onondaga Nights)
26.07.1976: Rochester, AR (The Bicentennial King - Vol.4)
27.07.1976: Syracuse, AR (Syracuse Revisted (CDR), Onondaga Nights)
31.07.1976: Hampton Roads, AR (Live In Hampton Roads (CDR)
01.08.1976: Hampton, SB (The Bicentennial Elvis Experiende)
02.08.1976: Roanoke, AR (10.000 Roanoke Fans Can't Be Wrong (CDR)
03.08.1976: Fayetteville, AR (Next-Stop Fayetteville)
04.08.1976: Fayetteville, AR (Next-Stop Fayetteville)
05.08.1976: Fayetteville, AR (Next-Stop Fayetteville)
27.08.1976: San Antonio, AR (San Antonio 1976 (CDR)
28.08.1976: Houston / AS, SB (Houston, We Have A Problem...)
29.08.1976: Mobile / AS, AR (Stuck Inside Of Mobile (CDR)
29.08.1976: Mobile / ES, AR (A Matter Of Duty) (incomplete)
30.08.1976: Tuscaloosa, SB (One Night In Alabama, Cuttin' Loose In Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Night)
31.08.1976: Macon, SB (Southbound)

02.09.1976: Tampa, AR (Tampa 02.09.1976 (CDR)
04.09.1976: Lakeland / ES, AR (Lakeland 04.09.1976, ES (CDR) (incomplete)
05.09.1976: Jackson, AR (Jackson 1976 (CDR)
06.09.1976: Huntsville / ES, SB (Still RocKING The Nation, The Man In White - Vol.2, Bicentennial Superstar - Vol.3, Elvis In Alabama - The Last Double Date FTD)
07.09.1976: Pine Bluff, AR (Arkansas Assembly (CDR)
08.09.1976: Pine Bluff, AR (Pine Bluff (CDR)
14.10.1976: Chicago, SB (Chicago Beat, Chicago Stadium (FTD)
17.10.1976: Minneapolis, SB (A Minnesota Moment (FTD), City Of Lakes '76)
19.10.1976: Madison, AR (Madison Madness (CDR)
20.10.1976: South Bend, SB (Eternal Flame, Bicentennial Superstar - Vol.2)
21.10.1976: Kalamazoo, AR (Kickin' Kalamazoo (CDR)
22.10.1976: Champaign, AR (Autumn Revival)
23.10.1976: Cleveland, AR (Fairy Tales, Royal Gambit In Richfield)
24.10.1976: Evansville, AR (Knockin' Them Out In Evansville (CDR)
25.10.1976: Fort Wayne, AR (Blue Rainbow)
26.10.1976: Dayton, AR (Fleet Of Foot (CDR)
27.10.1976: Carbondale, AR (Heading Home (CDR)
24.11.1976: Reno, AR (Live In Reno (CDR)
25.11.1976: Eugene, AR (Kings And Ducks (CDR)
26.11.1976: Portland, AR (Last Time In Portland, The Man From Memphis)
27.11.1976: Eugene, AR (Rockin' The Northwest)
28.11.1976: San Francisco, SB (America The Beautiful)
29.11.1976: San Francisco, SB / AR (The Nation's Only Atomic Powered Singer (AR), The West Coast Tour '76 (FTD) (SB)
30.11.1976: Anaheim, SB (The West Coast Tour '76 (FTD)
02.12.1976: Las Vegas / OS, AR (Opening Night (CDR), Winter Season In Las Vegas - Vol.1 (CDR)
03.12.1976: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Now Or Never, Christmas Lights On A Friday Night)
04.12.1976: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Love Letters From Nevada, Winter Season In Las Vegas - Vol.4 (CDR)
04.12.1976: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Sound Of Vegas - Vol.2 - December Night)
05.12.1976: Las Vegas, AR (Winter Season In Las Vegas - Vol.6 (CDR), In Free Fall (CDR)
06.12.1976: Las Vegas, AR (Now - Vol.1 (CDR), Winter Season In Las Vegas - Vol.7 (CDR)
07.12.1976: Las Vegas, SB / AR (Run On (SB), Winter Season In Las Vegas - Vol.8 (CDR) (AR), As Recorded Live In Las Vegas (SB)
27.12.1976: Wichita Falls, AR (Wichita Falls 1976 (CDR)
31.12.1976: Pittsburgh, AR (New Years Eve (FTD), Auld Lang Syne)

13.02.1977: West Palm Beach, AR / SB (Arrival Of A King (CDR) (AR), Coming On Strong (SB), And Now The End Is Near (SB), The Final Curtain (SB)
14.02.1977: St. Petersburg, SB / AR (Cajun Tornado (SB), And Now The End Is Near (SB), The Final Curtain (SB), Hot Love In A Long Cold Winter (AR)

23.03.1977: Tempe, AR (Tour Opening In Tempe)
25.03.1977: Norman, AR (The Norman Conquest (CDR)
26.03.1977: Norman, AR (Second Night In Norman (CDR)
27.03.1977: Abilene, AR (King Time In Abilene)
28.03.1977: Austin, AR (Elvis Slips Into Austin (CDR)
29.03.1977: Alexandria, AR (The Event)
30.03.1977: Alexandria, SB (Spring Tours 77 (FTD), By Special Request - From Louisiana To Tennessee, And Now The End Is Near, The Final Curtain, Amarillo '77 (FTD), Elvis In Concert Vol.1 - Having Fun In Orlando, Spring '77 - The Soundboard Recordings - Vol.2)
21.04.1977: Greensboro, AR (Greensboro '77)
22.04.1977: Detroit, AR (Live In Detroit (CDR), The King Has Landed)
23.04.1977: Toledo, AR / SB (The Toledoan Balladeer (AR), Goodbye Memphis (SB), Spring '77 - The Soundboard Recordings - Vol.2 (SB)

Taniolo 20.01.2009 15:34

Zu erwähnen wäre noch, dass Elvis den Text zu "Fever" im Falle der Live-Aufführungen teilweise erheblich kürzte.

So gut wie nie sang er z.B. die Passage

Ev'rybody's got the fever
that is something you all know
Fever isn't such a new thing
Fever started long ago

Ich weiß jetzt nicht auf Anhieb zu sagen, bei welchen seltenen Gelegenheiten dieser Text aufauchte, aber ich meine, dass diese Lyrics am 12.1.73 in der Aloha-Reheasal-Show mit dabei waren. Mir fällt keine weitere Show in diesem Zusammenhang momentan ein.

Auch die "Romeo/Juliet"-Strophe fiel häufig unter den Tisch. Auf der kürzlich erschienen FTD "Nevada Nights" fehlt sie in beiden Versionen dieser Doppel-CD.

King77 20.01.2009 17:47

Er sang es scheinbar nur am 12.1.73 sonst ist mir noch nie eine Live Version mit diesem Text untergekommen.Ich finde es sogar ein wenig schade weil gerade diese Strophe sich von der Melodie her etwas unterscheidet und den Song der relativ eintönig ist mehr Abwechslung gebracht hätte.

Luna 22.02.2009 17:29

Es war und bleibt ein Hammersong. Elvis hat ihn genial gesungen und performt...:grins:

HoundDog56 05.03.2009 18:53

Die Madonna Version ist dagegen ein Lacher

Ela 37 05.03.2009 18:56


Zitat von HoundDog56 (Beitrag 566448)
Die Madonna Version ist dagegen ein Lacher

Ich finde Madonna ist eh ein Lacher :grins::grins:
Ich wußte nicht das sie das Lied singt :noidea:

burroughs 05.03.2009 19:22

nicht nur sie..
aber hier gehts auch nicht um cover-versionen :cool:

Ela 37 05.03.2009 19:32


Habe von Fever eine single durchgefärbt und mit Elvis drauf .Auf der B-Seite ist Such a Night .Wie hießen diese Singles noch mal?
Bitte um antwort sonst Grübel ich wieder den ganzen Abend :roll:

Ela 37 05.03.2009 19:32


Zitat von burroughs (Beitrag 566475)
nicht nur sie..
aber hier gehts auch nicht um cover-versionen :cool:

Recht hat er :ups:

burroughs 06.03.2009 19:43

meinst du *colored vinyl* :gruebel:
gibts auch in regenbogen-farben und heisst dann *multicolored..*

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