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27.09.2007, 19:10
Den Song sang Elvis immer mal wieder live.
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25.03.1961: Pearl Harbor, AR (Fever Pitch, Elvis Aron Presley (RCA), Rock Around The Bloch (FTD)

27.06.1968: Burbank / 6pm Show, SB (Memories / The '68 Comeback Special (RCA), The Complete '68 Comeback Special (RCA) (2x)
27.06.1968: Burbank / 8pm Show, SB (Tiger Man (RCA), The Complete '68 Comeback Special (RCA)
29.06.1968: Burbank / 6pm Show, SB (The Complete Burbank Sessions - Vol.3) (incomplete)

27.08.1969: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Strike Like Lightning)

23.02.1970: Las Vegas / CS, SB (Electrifying, Bringing Him Back - Vol.2, A Legendary Performer - Vol.6, A Legendary Performer - Vol.10, Closing Night, The On Stage Season (FTD), Rebooked At The International)
27.02.1970: Houston / AS, AR (Houston 27.02.1970, AS (CDR)
11.08.1970: Las Vegas / MS, SB (Live In Las Vegas, CD2 (RCA), That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works)
12.08.1970: Las Vegas / MS, SB (That's The Way It Is SE, CD2 (RCA), The Live Greatest Hits (RCA), That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works)
13.08.1970: Las Vegas / DS, SB (That's The Way It Was (FTD), That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works, Stranger In The Crowd, The Wonder Of You (FTD)
14.08.1970: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Man In White - Vol.3, Folsom Prison Blues - Vol.2 (CDR), A Powerhouse Performance)
19.08.1970: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Double Dynamite, Loose As A Goose, A Powerhouse Performance)
19.08.1970: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Double Dynamite, Loose As A Goose, A Powerhouse Performance)
20.08.1970: Las Vegas / DS, AR (A Dinner Bell In Vegas, The Contiuing Of Memory Records, A Dinner Date With Elvis, Elvis '70 - Hot To Trot, A Powerhouse Performance)
21.08.1970: Las Vegas / DS, AR (From Vegas To Macon, A Powerhouse Performance...Continued)
21.08.1970: Las Vegas / MS, AR (You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin', A Powerhouse Performance...Continued)
23.08.1970: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Hillbilly Cat Live, A Powerhouse Performance...Continued)
24.08.1970: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Night Elvis Sang When The Snow Is On The Roses, The Hillbilly Cat Returns, A Powerhouse Performance...Continued)
01.09.1970: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Las Vegas 01.09.1970, MS (CDR)
04.09.1970: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 04.09.1970, DS (CDR), September Nights)
04.09.1970: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Midnight Hour, Like A Greek God)
14.11.1970: Los Angeles / ES, AR (Forum Of Inglewood)

27.01.1971: Las Vegas / MS, SB (All Things Are Possible, Only Believe - All Things Are Possible)
28.01.1971: Las Vegas / MS, SB (Lean, Mean And Kickin' Butt, Heavy Times, Opening Night 1971, Showroom International 1971, Country Hero In Vegas)
24.07.1971: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (From Tahoe To Vegas)
31.07.1971: Lake Tahoe / DS, AR (Impossible Dream In Lake Tahoe (CDR)
01.08.1971: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (A Thunder In The Night) (incomplete)
03.09.1971: Las Vegas / MS, AR (1971 Summer Festival) (incomplete)
06.11.1971: Cleveland / AS, AR (Cleveland Rocks (CDR)
08.11.1971: Philadelphia, AR (Live In Philadelphia)
10.11.1971: Boston / ES, SB / AR (The Power Of Zhazam (SB), One Night Only (SB), As Recorded At Boston Garden '71 (FTD) (SB), Like A Black Tornado (SB), Whirl Wind In Boston (CDR) (AR)
11.11.1971: Cincinnati, AR (The Unreachable Star)
12.11.1971: Houston, AR (Houston 12.11.1971 (CDR)
13.11.1971: Dallas / ES, AR (Display Of Emotions (CDR)
14.11.1971: Tuscaloosa, AR (Black Matador In Tuscaloosa (CDR)
15.11.1971: Kansas City / ES, AR (Kansas City 15.11.1971 (CDR), Kansas City / Dallas 1971)

26.01.1972: Las Vegas / OS, SB (Opening Night '72, An American Trilogy (FTD), The Talk Of The Town)
29.01.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Aiming High (CDR)
06.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (What They Came To See (CDR)
06.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Rock And Blues)
09.04.1972: Hampton Roads / AS, AR (Electricity In The Air (CDR), The Guitar Player Worth A Damn)
17.06.1972: Chicago / AS, AR (Who Shot Me (CDR), The Concert Years - Vol.96 (CDR), Polk Salad Annie (CDR)
18.06.1972: Fort Worth, AR (Blistering Pace In Fort Worth (CDR)
19.06.1972: Wichita, AR (Live In Wichita (CDR)
04.08.1972: Las Vegas / OS, AR (No Fooling Around, Another Opening Night, New Directions (CDR), One Week In August)
07.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Firing On All Cylinders)
08.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Heart And Soul...And Some Mighty Fine Rock'n'Roll)
09.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.48 (CDR)
11.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, SB (Summer Festival (FTD)
12.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, SB (Blazing Into The Darkness, 3000 South Paradise Road (FTD), Hilton's All Shook Up)
12.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR / SB (Las Vegas 12.08.1972, MS (CDR) (AR), Hot August Night (SB), One Week In August (SB), What Now My Love (FTD) (SB)
13.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Hot Summer's Night (CDR), Elvis In Vegas - Vol.2 (CDR), The Spirit Of Sin City) (incomplete on The Spirit Of Sin City)
17.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Rockin' And Lovin' In Las Vegas)
18.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Elvis Does It Again (CDR)
09.11.1972: Tucson, AR (What A Lovely Way To Burn (CDR), Dazzling In Tucson (CDR)
11.11.1972: Oakland, AR (On Stage In Oakland (CDR)
12.11.1972: San Bernadino, AR (San Bernadino 12.11.1972 (CDR)
14.11.1972: Long Beach, AR (Long Beach California, Wild Tiger In Concert)
17.11.1972: Honolulu, AR (Live In Honolulu (CDR)
18.11.1972: Honolulu / AS, AR (Honolulu Delight) (incomplete)

05.12.1975: Las Vegas, AR (Hilton Showroom - Vol.2)
06.12.1975: Las Vergas / DS, SB / AR (The Pre-Holiday Jubilee (CDR), Holiday Season In Vegas (FTD) (SB)
07.12.1975: Las Vegas, AR (The Las Vegas Years Volume 2 - Early Morning Rain)
08.12.1975: Las Vegas, AR (Hilton Showroom - Vol.1)
09.12.1975: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Countdown To Christmas)
12.12.1975: Las Vegas, AR (All In A Blaze)
15.12.1975: Las Vegas / CS, AR (The King Of Entertainment, Closing Night 1975)
31.12.1975: Pontiac, AR (Rock Back The Clock)

07.05.1976: Lake Tahoe / MS, AR (Then Sings My Soul)
09.05.1976: Lake Tahoe / CS, AR (And Then The Lights Went Down)
05.06.1976: Atlanta, AR (One Night At The Omni, Atlanta Weekend '76)
05.07.1976: Memphis, SB (Goodbye Memphis, The Final Homecoming, From Louisiana And Memphis (FTD), Return To Sender - The Summer Of '76)
06.09.1976: Huntsville / AS, SB (Elvis In Alabama - The Last Double Date (FTD)
08.09.1976: Pine Bluff, SB / AR (Pine Bluff (CDR) (AR), Pine Bluff To Madison '76 (FTD) (SB)
17.10.1976: Minneapolis, SB (A Minnesota Moment (FTD), City Of Lakes '76)
03.12.1976: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Now Or Never, Christmas Lights On A Friday Night, As Recorded Live In Las Vegas)

25.05.1977: Rochester, AR (Jailhouse Rock Man In Concert, Trying To Get To You)
29.05.1977: Baltimore, AR (Send Me The Light...I Need It Bad)
24.06.1977: Madison, AR / SB (One Night (AR), The Final Curtain (SB), Elvis In Concert Vol.3 - Stumpin' Madison (SB) (incomplete on One Night)

15.06.2008, 21:35
Die Live-Version vom 29.6.68 Burbank zu finden auf der The Burbank Session Vol.3.:-)