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27.09.2007, 18:50
Diesen Song sang Elvis fast nur 1972 live.
Soundboard Aufnahmen sind rot markiert.
Besonderheiten sind grün markiert.

26.01.1972: Las Vegas / OS, SB (Opening Night '72, The Talk Of The Town, Stronger Than Pride)
29.01.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Aiming High (CDR)
06.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (What They Came To See (CDR)
06.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Rock And Blues)
10.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (All Up To Elvis (CDR)
11.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Proving It In Vegas (CDR)
14.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, SB (Writing For The King (FTD)
15.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, SB (An American Trilogy (FTD)
16.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, SB (Destination USA (FTD)
16.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, SB (Live In Las Vegas, CD3 (RCA), Burning Love (RCA), Philadelphia '77, Viva Las Vegas (RCA), Standing Room Only (FTD)
17.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Power And Range (CDR), Kicked Up In Dallas)
19.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (To Live And Die In Dixie)
19.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (To Live And Die In Dixie)
21.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Las Vegas 21.02.1972, DS (CDR)
21.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Violently Emotional (CDR), Rock And Blues, Living The Pain)
22.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (The Concert Years - Vol.95 (CDR)
22.02.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Back At Full Strenght (CDR)
23.02.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Stronger Than Pride)
23.02.1972: Las Vegas / CS, AR (His Final Bows (CDR)
05.04.1972: Buffalo, AR (Stampede In Buffalo (CDR)
06.04.1972: Detroit, AR (Red Lion In Detroit (CDR)
07.04.1972: Dayton, AR (Super Hour In Dayton (CDR)
08.04.1972: Knoxville / AS, AR (Knoxville Knockout)
09.04.1972: Hampton Roads / AS, AR (Electricity In The Air (CDR), The Guitar Player Worth A Damn)
09.04.1972: Hampton Roads / ES, AR (Long Lost In Hampton Roads (CDR)
10.04.1972: Richmond, SB (Carry Me Back To Old Virginia, Red Hot In Richmond, Springtime - Vol.1)
11.04.1972: Roanoke, AR (Soaring Star (CDR)
14.04.1972: Greensboro, SB (The Greensboro Concert, Sweet Carolina, A Greensboro Revolution, The Guitar Player Worth A Damn)
16.04.1972: Jacksonville / ES, AR (Shaking Them Up)
17.04.1972: Little Rock, AR (He Broke My Guitar (CDR), The Grand Return To Little Rock (CDR)
18.04.1972: San Antonio, SB (Welcome In San Antone, Close Up (RCA), On Tour)
19.04.1972: Albuquerque, AR (Swinging Into The Action) (incomplete)
09.06.1972: New York / ES, AR (Left A Good Job In The City, At Madison Square Garden (FTD), Elvis Rocks The Garden)
10.06.1972: New York / AS, SB (An Afternoon In The Garden (RCA), Prince From Another Planet (RCA)
10.06.1972: New York / ES, SB / AR (As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (RCA) (SB), Prince From Another Planet (RCA) (SB), Elvis Rocks The Garden (AR)
11.06.1972: New York, AR (Elvis Rocks The Garden)
12.06.1972: Fort Wayne, AR (Elvis In Fort Wayne (CDR), Incredible Elvis (CDR)
13.06.1972: Evansville, AR (Good Times With Elvis (CDR)
14.06.1972: Milwaukee / ES, AR (Swinging Into The Action)
15.06.1972: Milwaukee, AR (Second Night In Milwaukee (CDR)
16.06.1972: Chicago, AR (Chicago, Illinois)
04.08.1972: Las Vegas / OS, AR (No Fooling Around, Another Opening Night, New Directions (CDR), One Week In August)
05.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (Directly From The 1972 Elvis Summer Festival)
05.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Shakin' The Little Longer Grass In Vegas (CDR), Directly From The 1972 Elvis Summer Festival)
06.08.1972: Las Vegas / DS, AR (A Moment To Remember, A Hot Night At Paradise Rd.)
12.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, SB / AR (Summer Festival (FTD) (SB), Las Vegas 12.08.1972, MS (CDR) (AR), Hot August Night (SB), One Week In August (SB), What Now My Love (FTD) (SB)
18.08.1972: Las Vegas / MS, AR (Sun King In Vegas (CDR), Paisley Presley (CDR)

19.08.1974: Las Vegas / OS, SB / AR (From Sunset Blvd...To Paradise Road, If You Talk In Your Sleep, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Down In The Alley (AR), Nevada Nights (FTD) (SB), The King Strikes Back (SB)

27.04.1975: Lakeland / AS, SB (From Georgia To Florida (FTD) (oneliner)

24.05.1977: Augusta, AR (Augusta - Once And For All) (oneliner)

09.08.2008, 12:32
Es fehlt die Version vom 14.2.72 MS die auf der CD Writing For The King zu finden ist.:-)

19.08.2008, 20:59
Die Writing For The King ist nicht gelistet, wird aber demnächst passieren.

19.08.2009, 10:41
Ein exzellenter Live-Song, der Elvis' Stimme wunderbar zur Geltung bringt. Meine absolute Lieblingsversion ist die aus dem Film ELVIS ON TOUR. :top:

Tony Trout
08.05.2019, 19:43
My favorite live version is from April 18, 1972 - ES - San Antonio, TX - which, of course as mentioned by the poster above - was filmed and recorded for "Elvis On Tour" and we finally got a soundboard recording of that show on the 2004 4-CD box set, "Close Up"!

08.05.2019, 19:52
On the Close Up Box - this is not a SB. It´s a Multitrack Recording From RCA

Tony Trout
12.05.2019, 03:10
On the Close Up Box - this is not a SB. It´s a Multitrack Recording From RCA

Oh.....well, I thought it was a SB recording considering that the very first release "Welcome In San Antone" was, in fact, a soundboard (and a horrible one at that!).